Rules & Conditions


  1. The reception is available for 24 hours.
    Check-in/ Check-out: the rooms are available from the day of arrival 1 p.m., to the day of departure, 11 a.m.
  2. The hotel is for temporary stay for a period, coordinated with Administration. Once the period has expired, Guest must vacate the room. If you want to prolong the period of your stay, it is necessary to inform the administrator no later than check-out time. The extension of the period of stay at the same room is possible only if there is no reservation.
  3. Early arrival. The hotel can confirm this request only if there is any of available to check-in room. From 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the cost of the room will be charged as ½ of the full day cost. Check-in before 5 a.m. will be charged as the standard rate.
  4. Late check-out. From 11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m., we can offer an additional hour for 100 rubles per hour. If you need an additional hour, please, inform the reception.
  5. Even though the period of stay is less than one day (24 hours) it will be charged as full day, regardless of check-out time.
  6. Extra beds can certainly be provided, based on the space available in the room. The cost of one Extra bed is 500 rubles
  7. Temporal Visitors are allowed to stay in the room until 11:00 p.m. in condition that they have identifying documents. For to stay after 11:00 p.m. visitors are required to pay for accommodation according to the price.
  8. If the guest delays for more than one day, the guaranteed reservation will be cancelled. (Non-guaranteed reservation will be cancelled after 12 hours)
  9. The Guest can cancel his request no later than 2 days before check-out. The Guest needs to send a request for a cancellation on the e-mail: .The reservation can be cancelled only after Administrator’s confirmation.
  10. If the guest notifies administration about cancelling of his reservation less than 2 days before check-out, Administration of hotel will take a payment.
  11. If the guest intends to reduce the period of stay, it is required to inform administration earlier than the day before the expected checkout. Otherwise administration will fine the guest a sum equal to the cost of one-day stay.
  12. The Guest who stays at the hotel must:
    • Present a document confirming the identity: passport, valid visa (if required), migration card.
    • Follow the general hotel and fire safety rules.
    • Keep order and peace on-site.
    • Сlose all windows and doors, turn off all electrical devices before leaving the hotel.
    • Compensate the damage caused to the hotel in case of loss or damage of property, according to the price list.
    • Be responsible for their own visitors. The visitors must leave the hotel before 11.00 p.m. or pay for stay according to the price list.
    • Pay for all provided service fully and on time.
  13. The hotel forbids:
    • Bring heavy items; flammable, explosive and radioactive materials; weapons; drugs and other things that can threaten life and health to other guests.
    • Keep animals, birds, etc. in the hotel without administration’s agreement.
    • Abuse or keep drugs in the hotel, being under drugs or heavy drunk
    • Disturb other guests
    • Smoke in the rooms and common areas (1000 RUB charge)
    • Make an open fire, use pyrotechnics, use your own heating devices
    • Leave visitors in the room during your absence, give them the room key
  14. Administration of the hotel is not responsible for failures of municipal public services, for the loss of property left untended in the rooms, for the cash and valuable stuff which are not kept in the hotel safe deposit box.
  15. The hotel has a right to visit a room without a guest agreement in specific cases as follows: fire, flood or in case of breaking the rules of residence, public disturbance.
  16. If the guest misses more than one day, the hotel has a right to take a commission and make a seizure of the guest’s property. This property will be kept in the luggage room.